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Wine Storage

The Wine Tunnels has been set up to provide the perfect storage conditions for the Wine Collector, Wine Investor and Wine Drinker.

All cases of wine that are held with The Wine Tunnels Limited are physically held at London City Bond Dinton Woods, Wiltshire.

London City Bond are the largest bonded warehousing group in the United Kingdom.

Dinton Woods was originally built in 1936 as a munitions warehouse for the British Military. The site has subterranean bunkers surrounded by a three-metre-high perimeter fence. Each vault has been covered and buttressed by soil banks, which adds protection and naturally creates the ideal conditions of constant humidity and temperature for maturing wine.

When a Client applies for an account, a personal account is set up under the clients name and when wine is delivered in to The Wine Tunnels Ltd, it is logged, photographed and given a rotation number to identify the owner and location of the wine.

Provenance is now a very important part of wine collecting and knowing that the wine has been stored in optimal conditions at The Wine Tunnels Ltd will ensure that if you decide to sell, the wine should achieve a higher price.

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